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What We're Reading

The team here at Woodside Wealth consists of avid readers with a particular interest in all things finance. When we see a good article, book, blog, or podcast we want to bring it to your attention. The following are some of our favorites – if they spark an idea or question please feel free to contact us.

Home Buyers Beware Thumbnail

Home Buyers Beware

How can you protect yourself if you are a real estate buyer in this market? I was interviewed by Veronica Dagher from the Wall Street Journal on this topic, and I had a few suggestions.

Unemployment and Other Benefits During COVID-19 Thumbnail

Unemployment and Other Benefits During COVID-19

With many cities and towns being put under heavy restrictions due to the Novel Coronavirus, many people are now finding themselves temporarily out of a job or receiving much less income than before. While the government attempts to put together a larger package of benefits to help all Americans, there are a few existing programs that can help get unemployed people through these tough times.