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The team here at Woodside Wealth consists of avid readers with a particular interest in all things finance. When we see a good article, book, blog, or podcast we want to bring it to your attention. The following are some of our favorites – if they spark an idea or question please feel free to contact us.

Is This The End of Long Term Care Insurance? Thumbnail

Is This The End of Long Term Care Insurance?

According to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, more than eight million Americans have purchased insurance to protect them in the event that they need long-term health care in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or in their own home.

How the Tax Plan May Affect Grad Students Thumbnail

How the Tax Plan May Affect Grad Students

During this whirlwind time regarding taxes in the United States, there are many changes which, if enacted in the final version of the tax reform bill, could have a drastic effect on the personal finances of millions of Americans. One such example is how university employees and students attending graduate school will be taxed on a type of benefit they receive called tuition waivers.

College Planning Taxes
It May Not Be Wise to Plan on a Late Retirement Thumbnail

It May Not Be Wise to Plan on a Late Retirement

If you ask most people these days what age retirement begins, you will likely get an answer of 65. However, that answer is an oversimplification of a large range of ages at which people actually retire. According to a recently completed Gallup poll, 23% of Americans are planning on retiring before age 62, 38% plan to retire between the ages of 62 and 67 and 31% are currently planning on retiring at age 68 or later.

Retirement Funding
Be Aware of Hurricane Deductibles Thumbnail

Be Aware of Hurricane Deductibles

Due to the recent events in both Texas and Florida, many homeowners may feel they will be excluded from receiving any benefits from their insurance policies due to the immense flooding that hurricanes bring with them. While this is true for any damage caused directly by the historically high flood waters in Houston, other damage may be covered due to another rarely known provision of homeowner’s policies called the “Hurricane Deductible”.